Services & Pricing

Tailoring and Alterations:


Pants $10

Cuffed/Lined pants $15

Dress or Skirt (one layer) $15

Dress or Skirt (two layers) $25

~Tailoring Pants or Skirts:

Waist in or out $20 -with lining $25

Take in back seam (denim) $30

Take in hips only $10

Taper legs $15

Replace zipper $15+

(Prone to change depending upon the complexity of garment)

~Tailoring for Shirts and Dresses:

Shorten straps $15+

Move shoulder $20 -with lining $25

Shorten sleeves $20 -with cuff $25

Alter sides $20 -add darts $20+

~Small Repairs:

Re-stitch hem $5

Sew buttons $1 each

Add hook and eye or small snaps $2

Add button hole $5

New belt loop $5

Patches depending on shape $5+

~Large Repairs:

New lining $50+

New elastic $22+

Add pockets $15 each


Custom Garments and Sewing:

Direct all inquiries to Pricing will vary dependent upon complexity and materials.